The Phoenix Project By Nekrova Team . Looking for Artists and Programmers

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Dear Everyone,
Nekrova Team is currently looking for people who want to help us develop our project,
The Phoenix Project (Placeholder name)

Background on the project itself:
When we started out, we were dissatisfied by the direction a game called “APB Reloaded” was heading in.
And we thought we could do better ourselves.
However, as we progressed in development, we noted that trying to re-make the original game would be a bad idea, both from a legal standpoint and a creative standpoint.
As such, we have decided to make Phoenix be its own thing while taking inspiration and ideas from “APB Reloaded” and build on said ideas.

Our goals:
Since making a full open world fps mmo hybrid that’s like GTA online where you can play as both sides of the conflict in one go with an insane level of customizability is close to insanity.
We have opted in splitting the project up into 3 stages.
Stage 1's goal is to get the core game play done, and open it up to the community so we can get proper feedback on the game, and ensure that the core gameplay is fun to play
Our current goals are:
• Making a social space for players to hang out in, chat with friends, buy weapons among other things (Think Tower Unite, but different)
• 2 Arena Combat maps for weapon balancing, combat tweaking etc
• Cinema with a YouTube video player to watch videos together
• Login/Character creator (basic version) Done.
• Realm Select Done.
• The ability to transit between the 3 areas without using menus (subway carts, teleport etc.)
• Weapon Inventory (Being able to swap weapons at an pre-set point, and change weapon skins)
• Chat system
• Party System
• Clan System

What we’re looking for:
• Texture Artists/Substance painters
We’re looking for talented people who can help us bring this to life:

• 3D Artists/Level Artists
People whose skills range from making small props to big cityscapes
• Character Artists
Some one who can help us make player models that can be customized by players in interesting ways
• UX artists
Preferably people with experience working with unreal’s UI system.
• 2D Artists & Concept artists
People with dreams that can translate those dreams to drawings like these:

Interested? Questions?
Please reach out to us either by email, Luna (at)
Join our discord:
Or visit our forums:
you can check out our WIP Work:


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