[UE4] Abandoned japanese village + tutorial vlogs

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Done the scene....for now ;)

UPDATE: Latest tut video is live!

Hey hey you vertex ticklers....

So I decided to vlog the process of creating my entry in the artstation feudal japan challenge, figure it would make some good learning material for anyone who is interested. First episode is up, its a bit long, but I really wanted to give context to who I am, why im doing it etc. I also hammer on the importance of moodboards/references and give away one of my secrets in the process ;)  A little awkward filming myself being that I am a bit of an introvert but whatever! by the time it's all said and done the series should be one big tutorial pretty much, with career advice layered througout

future episodes will probably be around 5-10 mins max and cover each major milestone of production (blockout, asset creation, alpha, beta, lighting and final color grade etc), so probably 1-2 episodes a week. Basically, I want you guys to see that my actions map to my words of my articles and I'm not full of shit hahahaha :D enjoy, and if you do, it would mean the world to me if you subscribed to my new polygon academy youtube channel if you want that phresh art content in your feed.

link to my progress/WIP thread on artstation, but I will probably also create one here with some special sauce for the homies.


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