RenderHub sells stolen Artwork - Artwork theft through marmoset viewer?

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It has come to my attention that a renderhub seller was selling the model of a coworker of mine (illegally) and after browsing this sellers content oh and behold there was an asset of mine also. HE STOLE MY FUCKING RIFLE thats posted in artstation and has a marmoset viewer embedded (my cowrokers artwork also had that)
The quick conclusion we arrived is that he somehow ripped the 3d content using some kind of ripper through marmoset viewer and now sells thats stuff in renderhub. This is the sellers product page of my artwork:

and this is my original post in Artstation:

Of course Ive already contacted Renderhub and Im waiting for a response.

in case this dudes deletes the product page here are some captures:

Im pissed as fuck. Who knows how many dudes are doing this. I demand a response from marmoset also!!!
This is outrageous. I STRONLGY recommend you guys stop posting artwork with marmoset viewer



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