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Update: Got it animated

Animated the clouds and stars, and added a bump offset to fake some volume. (apologies for the low quality)

Hey guys !
I'm starting a little sci-fi project for my portfolio, so naturally I wanted a good space hdri.
I found this on reddit, which is absolutely brilliant, cheers for the OP
However I wanted to animate it in Unreal, so I decided to remake the panorama in Substance, which seemed simpler than dissecting the original.
I'm not sure if this is anything new, I mean it's simple enough, but I couldn't find anything similar online, so I decided to share it with you guys !
Hopefully someone who's better than me at Substance can make something cooler-looking and post it here, I would love that.

Anyway, here it is

That's  the perspective view ^, here's the full thing

I made a couple of other variations, I actually tried to make one of them colourful contrasty nebulae, but I failed miserably.
I couldn't make "smoke-like" colours, nothing I did looked 3-dimensional enough, so I would love any advice regarding that.

Anyway here are some of the tries:

For anyone interested how they're made, I made a star generator and tiled it via 6 "Panorama Shape" nodes, everything else is a mix of just regular blending and other panorama shapes so they're offset properly on the sky sphere.
I'll be animating these bad boys in Unreal hopefully soon, so we'll see how that'll look, on the meantime I'd absolutely love anyone who can give some solid advice on doing 3D-like coloured smoke, which will improve these tremendously.

Thanks for stopping by !


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