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Hey everyone. I just started school again and that means it's time to start doing tons and tons of art.

My assignment for the next 7 weeks is to make the interior of a Dwarven Butchershop. Most of the stuff I usually do is small props and outdoor environments so this will be a fun exercise for me. 

For this project I really want to push story telling within my texture work and prop design. So here's my little story concept that goes along with the project.
In many cities, if you’re looking for a fight, a meal, or a sword for hire, you would do well to go to the pub. However, in Denoval the real fighters are found in the Underbelly. Bahlen the Fourth’s Underbelly Butcher has been home to the real legends for generations. Sure you could find a fighter or a wanna-be hero in any number of pubs across the high mountain city, but if you were looking to find a man worth his salt, a warrior of true grit, none beat those at the Underbelly. During the day, the Underbelly serves up the finest raw cuts of meat and the freshest catches for 50 miles, but when the sharp chill of night descends upon Denoval, the Underbelly caters to a different crowd
By night, Bahlen arms and feeds any warrior that knows the secret phrase. A tradition that was passed down to him, alongside ownership of the Underbelly. The dwarven tunnels used to import the Underbelly’s goods serve more than just that purpose. Writhing and twisting from the shop to the base of the mountain, these passageways allow for men to come and go in the night, hidden from watchful eyes.

I will be posting updates whenever I have new work completed! So come check in :) I would also love some of the communities feedback! So don't hesitate to drop a critique or idea.

Thanks for looking!


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