Animating a chest in UE4

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BrandonBerryCG triangle
So I'm pretty new on the workflow on animating props in Unreal. I've tasked myself with creating a functioning chest opening animation in game to learn and understand blueprints better. 

I thought I would just animate the mesh and bake it out in Maya and then import that into unreal. But after reading up on some older threads here it seems that a better alternative would be to rig the chest with a few bones and animate it opening inside UE4. Stating that it would be easier on the engine and more predictable in calculations. 

I was hoping to get some insight from others to what the best approach would be and maybe learn a few things about efficiency in Unreal. I thought the fewer bones you have in a scene, the better. And if things are baked out, its a lot lighter on resource demand. I could be absolutely wrong on all points as I've only dabbled with character animation blending in unreal and Its kind of new territory for me. 

I would be extremely grateful if some of you could give me some insight or direct me towards some solid information or tutorials on the subject. 


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