Are there 3D artist jobs in the East Coast (US)?

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Good morning
 artists from around the world :smile:
For some time now, I've been lurking in the shadows of this amazing website looking for posts about how to start one's journey into the 3D world, opinions about the industry and such. I thought it was about time I created an account here and posted topics of my own! :smiley:

A little background about me so you can understand my concern a bit better: I was born on an island on the Caribbean (latina background) and moved to the US (New Jersey) about 2 years ago (So I'm relatively new to the country still, though I believe I have adapted well). For a bit more than a couple of years now I have fallen in love with 3D Art, specifically Character/Creature Art and so I've been studying on my own for about 2 years (1 year I committed to learning anatomy well; and 1 year to learn Blender and how to sculpt nicely; my studies are still on-going) getting courses and tutorials online. I'm very passionate about art in any form (and love 3D), I learn really well on my own and I'm confident in my abilities to create [with time] a stunning portfolio. I'm not scared of all the amazing portfolios currently existing as I know for sure I can get there, and so they serve as a great inspiration to me! Also, I'm willing to shift job searching from Character to Props if need be.

A summary of the most important points [to me] that I learnt about the industry: the 3D industry is crowded by many people so it is not easy to get in specially if you are a newbie/junior; official education doesn't matter as long as you have an amazing portfolio; the majority of job openings are located in the West Coast (USA, CA) and Canada; you do have to network a lot in order to succeed.

NOW, the problem that is holding me back is the following... I wouldn't mind relocating to the West Coast if I get the opportunity to work there BUT I don't have the funds to do so, I have little to no way of relocating on my own (even if I saved cash, my earnings are not even close, that's why I want to become a professional as well of course! hahah. Asking family/friends for help is out of the question since they are in the same boat as me). The studios I've seen that help you relocate are mostly AAA which I doubt I'll be able to get in right from the start of my career (or so I've heard)...

SO, given all these... With as much honesty, no sugar-coating, and realism as you can... Do you believe there are enough job openings on the East Coast? At New York? At New Jersey? Around those states? Since the competition to get those jobs is so tight, will I get a chance to find one on this side of the US where jobs [I presume] are scarce? Is the Video game industry here non-existent or very tiny? Will that be a problem? I haven't even seen many jobs at 3D printing (if any) That is the only thing that is holding me back from continuing my studies, since I don't want to go freelance or sell my assets online. I truly want to get a job on the industry and grow there to a high position in a great studio, that's how much I love 3D. But if my chances are too slim due to living on this side to even get my foot on the door, I may even consider other Art areas or adapt to other possibilities or careers.

Thank you SO MUCH for your time reading this :smile: I appreciate any and all reply I get. Please feel free to correct me if my understanding in the industry is wrong. I am open to new ideas and solutions as well! I'm sorry this post got fat hahah, but I truly want an honest opinion since i feel so confused.


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