Cannon WIP

Hi. This is my first post in here.

I've made the Black pearl last year (from the Pirates of the Carribean movie)
(It's not a game ready asset)

So I've decided to improve my skills and I've started to work on another ship from a movie but this time it is supposed to be game-ready. 

This is a model of a cannon which is supposed to be seen from a first-person perspective in UE4.

Low poly:
Faces - 13 591
Verts - 15 814 
(numbers with hard edges on UV seams)

High poly
~ 33 mil poly

Now im moving to texturing in Substance painter (I did some tests and bakes looked OK)

I would love to hear some critique 
especially for UVs
and if you see some potentional problems 
I will be using one 4K texture and  the texel density is around 11


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