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[Ui Design] Ui design questions

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Dan_dev null
Hello everyone,

I'm currently doing some research into developments within (game) UI design for an internship project and I'm looking for some people with experience in the field (preferably 2+ years) to answer some questions I have. So here they are:

- What do you think game UI might look like in the near future?

- What do you think are some major developments in (game) UI design compared to ~5 years ago.

- Photoshop seems to be a common tool to create UI’s. Are there any other tools that are commonly used to create (game) UI’s?

- Have you noticed any major changes in the workflow of creating UI’s in the past ~5 years?

- How has the rise of mobile games influenced PC/console UI design?

Has VR had any major influences on UI design and if so how has it done this?

I noticed that it's relatively hard to find information about game UI design, so I'd also appreciate some extra sources that could be useful.


P.S. I'm not 100% sure this is the right forum to post this, as I'm pretty new to Polycount. So if it isn't I'm sorry.


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