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[Rev-Share] 3D Modelers, Animator, & 2D Artist Needed for Horror/Shooter Game

Open Positions:
3D Modeler (specializing in creature/monster work)
3D Modeler (static objects)
3D Animator - FILLED
2D Artist (UI Development)

Game Description:
Tactical, team-based horror/shooter in which 4 players work together to defeat another player designated as the monster. The matchmaking design will be unique, as the 4 players are playing on PC, and the monster will be playing through a VR headset - enhancing his atmosphere and giving him an experience no other game can currently offer.

Existing Team Members:
All other positions including programmer, concept artist, animator, and writer are filled. We also have an enthusiastic base of play testers to help us test out our game during development.

All core team members are promised a percentage of revenue after release. Specific questions regarding payment must be directed to the director.

Please comment below if you have any general questions about the game, and be sure to send me a DM if interested! I'll be sure to provide you a brief overview of our GDD and other documents right away.


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