[RELEASE] Final Lens Effects - bokeh, bloom, tone mapping and more... plugin for unity (FREE DEMO)

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We have recently released a new effects package - Final Lens Effects on Unity Asset Store. Free Demo (full-featured) is available for download.

About Final Lens Effects

Final Lens Effects package is a collection of image effects for simulating some properties of real camera lens such as depth of field, vignetting and distortion for Unity 5 (5.6 or higher). Package contains following effects:

- Depth of field effect with polygonal aperture (Bokeh)
- Bloom effect
- Vignetting
- Chromatic aberrations
- Lens distortion
- Color Grading
- Tone Mapping (ACES)
- Color LUTs Support

These effects can be used to make your scenes look closer to as if they were captured with real camera and lens - making computer generated graphics look more natural or to achieve the "cinematic look" for cut scenes or in-game. Being very tweakable, the effects can be combined, reordered, customized and overdone to create interesting looks or visual effects.
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