Retrogasm 2018 - Aniarts- FinalFantasy VI- Celes

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Hi! Time for retrogasm! So i started like a week ago but thinking about creating a thread here on the forums. Now, here I am!

Goal: Modelling Celes from Final Fantasy VI. Gathering reference.

here is the original concept from Yoshitaka Amano, I love his style because he expresses forms with his own sketchy style.

I want to achieve the final fantasy look like from final fantasy XIII and so on games. 

Celes outfit references. Celes, in the game has lots of outfits (hell, she even has an opera dress!). I have chosen the yellow one because I think represents more her character. There are few original artworks of Celes so I'm calling fanarts and cosplay as inspiration.

Here is my sketch of hoiw is going to be the outfit!

Here is my base blockout progress. Any feedback and resources are welcomed!


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