My road to character design

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kimarh null
Total noob here. 
I recently started 3d modelling and I love it. Its freaking amazing. 
My goal will be to get as close as possible to proffesional level stuff. 
I will post WIP and what i learned through each step. All feedback is more than welcome, especially on my Notes (since I could have gotten the wrong idea and i dont want to build my knowledge and skill on a bad foundation.

My first project is going to be a game ready character for League of Legend (The water sculptur/artisan). 
 I want to take him all the way from idea to finished product with animations and everything (is this too wide spread? should I spent my focus on one or two proccesses?)

First model: The water sculptur/artisan.
What I learned: basic knowledge of the software and introduction to sculpting. 
Notes: use simpler shapes. Make all pieces from scratch. Finish all detail on one sub level before subdividing. Make good base topology at the beginning of the sculpt.
Learning the software. First concept. 


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