Looking for improvements - Modelling a Sony walkman- University work

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for any improvements on a piece of work that I completed for my 3D modelling course, the object I modelled was the Sony TPS-L2 walkman, below I have included the image I used to display the model as well as a larger image of the final model.


  • TheLittleJay
    For starters the presentation could do with a lot of work. Right off the bat it screams 'student / amateur' which is not good. 

    Have some faint shadows under the model, right now it's floating in a sea of white. Speaking of white, use more neutral background colours, the white is burnin' ma eyes. You should also look up 3 point lighting and present the model in a more interesting way. 

  • Carabiner
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    Carabiner polycounter lvl 5
    Agreed with @TheLittleJay 's points, and one more thing: add more polys on the cable and headphone pads! There's obvious faceting there. Other than those things, this is a fairly simple rectangular object so the modeling seems fine.  If you post a wireframe view we can see your geometry better.

    To elaborate on Jay's point about more interesting presentation, it isn't doing your work a lot favors that the walkman is completely facing the camera, with no way to view any of side parts. We also can't see what the headphones look like at all. Maybe create a little scene for this where the walkman is lying down in perspective, and the headphones are hanging on a hook next to it?
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