[WIP] Goshawk Bipedal Mech

Hi! This is my first entry of actual work on here, and I decided it would be sensible to start keeping track, and sharing, personal projects. I use Blender at the moment, and in the near future I'm planning to binge-learn Substance Painter.

For now, having recently gotten to grips with Hard Ops, Box Cutter and Decal Machine, I want to tackle something I've always wanted to make; a mech! A mech I can actually be pleased with. Naturally, I'd love to do Gundams, Battletech, Warhammer 40k, goodness knows what else.. But I figured maybe I should start with something small and get used to the workflow; and most importantly, -finish- another project. That's why this is here, because I'm going to start it, and I'm going to finish it.

So, with that said, my concept art is the Goshawk, part of 'Mecha Front'.
Artwork done by Shimmering-Sword on DA https://shimmering-sword.deviantart.com/ Give them a look, ton of good mecha art if that's your thing.

Step one, the basic block out. Need to get the overall silhouette, shapes, sizes, scales and so on.

I think I need the center torso to be a little longer, and in hindsight I'm missing the underslung hemispherical weapon beneath the torso, but I can add that in. Crotch plating needs to come up a little, but otherwise I'm mostly content with the shapes and scale of it.

Step two, well.. Literally everything else! I think I'll start by working into detailing the autocannons first, making them high-poly and fancy, a way to warm up and have something not too difficult, but impressive to keep me going into the trickier plating angles of the main body.

And finally, I'm going to try and maintain a perfect-quads methodology for Sub-D. I'd love to get it right, and I'm going to try to, and I think I could do.

Finally- Yes, I would love critiques and suggestions! I want to get better, I absolutely want to improve, and I would value the opportunity to make my work.. Better. So if you do, thank you in advance!

Thanks for your time, I'll post again when I've made progress worth mentioning!



  • Testarossa
    Okay! So, long delay, it's been two months since I picked up on this properly, but that's because it hit crunch time with my course getting written work and the main project done and out of the way. Which sort of does take priority over a personal project.

    But, now my course is finished, and I have no excuse to actually be productive on my portfolio!

    Getting into the swing of things again, I've modelled the main armaments and side torso of the Goshawk from the original blockout. Mostly boolean work and plating cuts, taking some liberty with the design here and there, but I'm not going to go too far and overdo it. In part to facilitate one of my biggest goals with the project; Actually finishing it, regardless of how far off it might be from perfection. We all have to call it a day eventually.

    Currently working in a non sub-D hardops method, multiple n-gons are present. Optimising the mesh into perfect quads/tris is something I'm planning to do after the first draft of the whole mech is done, if only as part of practising making good quad topology.

    The next post will be quicker, now that I've picked this back up properly.

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