[UE4] Colony 1842 - Western City-Builder - Environment/Building Concept Artist


Hey there,

I'm looking for people who would like to work together on a game design and prototype. I currently study the Masters degree “Games” at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and wanted to do this as a solo project to get my last CP. But now I have decided to tackle this with a group of motivated people.

The rough idea is a competitive city-builder (mix of Guild 2 and Banished) in an alternative western setting with steampunk impact called "Colony 1842".

The goal is to develop a prototype and to document the game design until August this year.

Through other channels I managed to get together a team of 16 people. Experiences range from student/beginner up to graduates working on their portfolio. We are an international team with people from Germany, USA, UK and Sweden.

The overall graphical style will be similar to the style of Overwatch, but with less details.

If you are interested in working together or want some more information, please send me a message.

Best regards,



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