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Cosplay and Props Category Guidelines

Full-sized props and cosplay items so you can transform into your favorite hero for your next gaming convention. 3D printable items include:





and anything that helps you get into character.

Winners will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Printability - getting a good 3d print takes a more than just sculpting up a great design. Study the guides Shapeways offers to give you the extra details you'll need to know when setting up your entries. 
  • Creativity - the potential for designs and objects is endless. Surprise us all with a great idea and you may find yourself a winner.
  • Artistic merit - A great idea and printability are important but how well your design is executed and presented will be judged as well.

Remember to share a link to the product on Shapeways in your shop and tag it 'Dota2' and 'Polycount' to officially enter.

Quick references:
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Setting up your valve license
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