Anatomy Project: M44

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Revel greentooth
Hello you guys! It's been a lo~ng time since I posted a progress thread here on Polycount  :o
For anyone following me on ArtStation probably saw I posted a blog post regarding my current personal project, the Anatomy Project: M44!

So I decided to create a thread here just as a record for anyone who interested to see my progress on it. But word of warning it *might* take longer then it should since it's a personal project during personal free time and art direct by myself (can be super picky sometimes)..and wasn't too sure how often I can work on it due to a full time job, other project with the Dekogon guys and learning Japanese!


Here are the teaser highpoly screenshots that I posted earlier;

And lowpoly AO and normal bake;

So far no texture has been created yet, but when I reached certain presentable point I'll post it here.
And as always please feel free to give comment or suggestions along the way.

Hope you'll enjoy it!


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