[Riot Creative Contest 2017] - Dominic Camuglia (Dragonthyme)

Hey everyone! Unfortunately had to enter late, but I'm able to completely devote the next few days to this. Been sketching this out for the past few days (sorry for the low frame-rate):

I have a lot of love for the geomancer class in Final Fantasy, so I wanted to do something that incorporates the natural elements. The character would use some kind of rod or baton to strike the rock, lighting it on fire, and turning it into a coil of magma. I wanted to spin the "geomancer/shaman" vibe with kind of a playful side, so I was imagining baseball when thinking about how the character animation would play out.

Gameplay wise, there's a cone of effect immediately in front of the character where the rock is struck, and the first enemy hit by the projectile is stunned.

More progress really soon!


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