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I am happy to share my CGI short film "Noseman" with you. Made by myself in my freetime. I hope you like it.


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    If you did not like the film I would be also eager to get feedback or especially advice on what to improve or what to make better the next time?

    Best regards!
  • tholmes3d
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    tholmes3d polycounter lvl 6
    Well done! That's a lot of work to do in your free time. The two biggest things that stick out to me are that Noseman could really use some darker tones in order to make the shapes of his face/nose read better. Currently he looks very washed out (an issue that none of the other characters suffer from), and it makes it hard to visually understand what he's doing. Second, in terms of story it'd be nice if we understood the power of the generators. Since they are ultimately the tool that Noseman uses to blow up the place, the audience should know what's going to happen when Noseman sends the boogersarus charging at them.
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    Hey tholmes3d,
    thank you very much for your feedback. That is really helpful and I totally agree. If there is more keep it coming, I'd be grateful.
    Best regards!
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