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[ Riot Art Contest 2017 ] Clash of Champions



  • Supradip
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    Supradip polygon
    Thank you all for taking out your valuable time for the comments & feedback.
    Being a first timer for such competition, It was nice and learning experience for me. 
    Am sure in near future i will be able to bring "positive" from your kind comments!

    All the best to you all.
  • morry_we
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    morry_we triangle
    Look what I found suddenly.. original concept by- Demizu Posuka ( http://posuka.iinaa.net/gallery.html )

  • MaoAkari
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    MaoAkari polycounter lvl 3
    dear god, man really why you do this in contest? when HUGE PART of art community watching at you? what will be with your reputation( Why you even didnt thought about that
  • 00himashis
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