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[Riot Creative Contest 2017] PROJECT: Diana

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EraiViolett polygon
Decided to go with my design for Diana in the PROJECT skin line. I will re-design her skin as I go with the illustration. Here's a little bit of the Lore I use as an inspiration:

A project created singular, Diana fights alone in search of truth in the new life that has been given to her. With no guidance but a Log in her programming called "Silver Light" that sets her all the questions needed to move forward, and memories she cannot recognize as her own. She works with any means necessary to acquire the information she needs, fighting projects, androids and robots alike. 

Here are some thumbnails with a short description of each, Please let me know which you like best, I'm personally fond of 3 and 4.

1.- In a fight, using her drones to project her pale cascade as she runs through.
2.- A mirror illustration from Leona's. Using her moonfall to scatter the robots around her.
3.- In a hurry, either visualizing her programmed memories or checking data regarding the memories of her foes (other projects).
4.- In a fight, retaliating as she uses her drones to project her pale cascade, and slashes with her blade.


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