[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] Viking Shyvana

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Someone vertex
A bit late and first time to Polycount but here we go!

Gonna do an original skin for Shyvana based of viking history and designs.
Shes pretty much my favorite champion and I don't really have a lot of skins that i like for her so i want to do something a bit different.

here's my reference board for now.


  • Elithenia
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    Elithenia polycounter
    <3 Vikings
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  • Someone
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    Someone vertex
    Still trying to figure everything out, want to keep it historically accurate as well as still having a nice silhouette, which is hard with vikings as they mostly used light leather and cloth Armour, sometimes they used mail but not often. i want to bring in a lot of fur elements for a nice boost to the silhouette which im still building ref for. for now i've been doing the head and hair, hair was very important to the Norse people back in those days so i want something that sticks out. this will work for the player view in the game too as you are looking down on the character so i want something that's nice and interesting to look at

    ill be posting more ref sheets soon once i got some proper direction in my head for the silhouette :P 
  • Someone
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    Someone vertex
    Working on building a stronger silhouette while doing some horn variations, gotta lot more to do and figure out but that's all part of the process!
  • Someone
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    Someone vertex
    So I've been up to a lot over the holidays, not to mention i completely redid the entire design, don't know if i should make a new post but the viking design wasn't jelling with me wanting to make it historically accurate, just had weak silhouettes and just didn't look good. could have kept at it but time is a factor and sometimes concepts just don't work well out of your head, sad truth but sometimes its best to just move on.

    So move on i did
    i decided to go for something more dragoney. As Shyvana is literally a dragon i don't really know why she hasn't gotten a dragon skin like Zyra

    Was always odd to me. so i did mind clear, an anatomy study yay

    With this new base and the head from my viking sculpt i had a pretty good start!

    So i went with the dragon Zyra concept and it wasn't really working with Shyvana

    Not much of a block out but still, pretty obvious the curved design of the skin wasn't working with her character. Then i realized. why am i doing the same thing for Shyvana? she isn't a caster or sorceress. so i went back to the drawing board.

    Shyvana is meant to be this massive tanky character who just bowls through everyone like a bad ass, she cant be having this curved design, shes a rock a massive dragon hell bent on killing her foes, and it hit me, i should be looking at the dragons on the rift. so i took note of the stone like block out of the mountain drake and the molten body of the infernal drake and started blocking it out

    Ok! looking good so far but need some more scales or it just looks like shes wearing armour not the actual dragon she is

    Ok added a lot more, looking good so far

    So with the scales done i wanted to check out some other sort of designs, she is a warrior so maybe a dragon knight?

    As you can see i wasn't really feeling this one and gave up pretty quickly

    Next up i went back to before and did some more work

    Added some wings and refined some other things that were bothering me

    Wanted to create a stronger silhouette so i added some shoulder scales

    And now I'm up to here! got a lot of work to do, want to add in some more armory type scales like the shoulder and maybe some chains or something. lots of work to be done lots of concepts i want to try out!

    Thank you for reading all this hope it was somewhat good
  • Someone
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    Someone vertex
    some more progress, just still blocking stuff out, almost done with the full design, got rid of the wings, was causing more issues than i wanted
  • maryoaminoto
    love your idea.  But i see those fingers are just a bit short :)
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