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Aaerie polycounter lvl 3
Hey everyone! 

I thought it'd be fun to do some animations inspired by Lulu, one of my favorite support champions in League of Legends.

I plan on using the Lily rig from Artella, as well as the monkey rig from iAnimate. I made a few modifications to help capture the spirit of Lulu and her sidekick, Pix. I haven't done much creature animation in the past and really wanted to challenge myself to do something new with Pix.

I'm a big fan of League of Legends animation style and am looking forward to getting started on this contest and seeing what everybody else comes up with. 

Best of luck to everyone!


  • cainy
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  • Sotatsu
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    Sotatsu polycounter lvl 4
    Good timing. I can definitely imagine Lulu having an ultimate move like that :)
    My only suggestion would be to make her opponent taller before the transformation. She is a yordle, so she is smaller than most of LoL champions. That would add a "who is little now ?" effect to your animation.
    But that's a minor detail. Your animation works pretty well already  ;)  

    I'm looking forward to seeing the polished version.
  • AnthonyAnimation
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    AnthonyAnimation greentooth
    Good start! I'd be mindful of game cam. There's a point where you can only see the hat shake and it's not clear what's happening. If you offset the character or have the hate hover it will help.
  • Aaerie
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    Aaerie polycounter lvl 3
    @Sotatsu Thank you for your feedback and kind words. I think that's a great idea!

    @AnthonyAnimation Thank you, Anthony! It was actually my intention to have her disappear under the hat from the game cam view, but I do agree that it was somewhat jarring like that. I changed it so you can see a bit more of her now and I hope it reads more clearly.

    Update: Here is an update for my run and ultimate for Lulu. Considering how much time is left, I probably won't make many more changes to the run and instead focus on the ultimate until tomorrow. Also, since capturing a still frame of a dynamic pose is part of the submission, I thought I would add some poses I was considering for my run.

    Animated GIF

    Animated GIF

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