Can anyone come up with NEW and REASONABLE designs for Sci-Fi environments?

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I am making a first-person-shooter in a Sci-Fi setting/environment. Here you can see some of the first WIP videos from it:

desert facility:
corridor scene:

For the exteriors and interiors I would like to implement designs/styles that are both NEW (unseen before) and REASONABLE (make sense, fit a purpose, are logically...). So maybe new materials allow other architecture elements, new fashion results in design styles, new machines offer unseen appliances, and so on.
Who can come up with something like that? Any format would help me, from sketchbook-designs to complete 3d models.

What I don't need are the usual few recycled Sci-Fi designs we all know from movies like 2001, Blade runner, Alien and so on. Not round or 6-sided corridors that have useless panels all over. No lights and switches everywhere. Please avoid all those clichees.

Ideally the game has consistent design at exteriors and interiors (think of art deco as an exitsting consistent example from e.g. facades to dishes).  So several fields of design are required/possible here from architecture, interior design, product design...and more.


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