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Final post:

Hey Polycount community and League of Legend fanatics!

This is my first time participating in a Polycount art contest.
As a 3D artist and a huge LoL fan, I'm super stoked to see what everybody will create! 
I'll be posting updates of my own work bellow.  Always open for some juicy feedback :)



  • RobertTerritory
    Hey yo!

    I guess I should start posting some of my work :)

    For the contest, I decided to redesign the creep den and the turret.  I'm not following any specific league of legend theme, focusing more on trying to create something that fits well in the current summoners rift map.  I started to draw down some ideas and decided to challenge myself at creating a creep den for the Rift Scuttler (poor little guy needs a home too).  

    Creep Den concept phase:
    My den will be placed in the upper right section of the jungle in front of the dragon pit.  The idea I had was to somewhat recreate the shape of the Rift Herald (a bigger mutated version of the Rift Scuttler) with rocks.  The Scuttler would be living under these rocks in a small hidden cave.

  • RobertTerritory
    Creep Den concept phase 2:

    I decided to change my concept completely.  Still creating a den for the Rift Scuttler, I decided to try something different.  The crab would be living in a broken well, connected to the river.  The Scuttler would crawl out of the well into the river when spawning.  I still need to push the concept further, but it illustrates my general idea :)

  • brettmarshalltucker
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    brettmarshalltucker polycounter lvl 2
    Hey, I see you had the idea of a well also! Definitely works better as a creep den and its a really cool idea at that. The cross section style concept is really cool too; its a great place for some interesting details.

    Seems pretty complicated relatively for low poly stuff so I'm curious to see how you edit it down or make efficient use of your polygons. Excited to see more.
  • PeterGandia
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    PeterGandia vertex
    I didn't even need to see your reference across from Dragon Pit to know that this was there.
    Doing great! I wanna see this process. Good luck!

  • RobertTerritory
    Hey guys!

    Back with an update of my work.  I made another version of my previous concept, trying to fix a few things that were bothering me.  

    A few concept ideas I'm keeping in mind based on the design of Summoner's Rift:
    - Owl symbol based on the location of my Creep Den (map's lore).
    - Located in the east quadrant of the map (specific visual elements).
    - Transition between jungle and river, close to the dragon pit.

    I created a Low Polly blocking model of my concept as a 3D base to help me block out my scene in order to move forward.

    Drawing some ideas down for a new Turret.  I'm thinking of placing a minion on top of the turret as the main operator of the structure!  Sketches coming soon!
  • RobertTerritory
    Hey hey!

    Back with an update of my work.  I decided to switch to the turret rework and to try different ideas.  I knew from the start I wanted to add a minion to my tower design.  Minions are constantly charging down Summoner's Rift, fighting for their team.  I figured it would be a nice twist to have some defending instead of attacking. 

    I started with the concept of bringing a "Super Canon Minion" (minion type based on the "Super Minions" in LoL) on top of the tower.  I tried different designs, but never felt like the idea actually merged well with the rest of the structure.  

    I finally decided to create a giant statue (similar to the ones in the game) with a "Caster Minion" on top.  I will definitely rework the design of the sword and possibly try to modify the "Caster Minion" a little bit so he stands out a little more.

    Cheers :)

  • Kumator
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    Kumator interpolator
    Cool idea, that design is pretty fun! I think you could add some elements around the minion to blend it with the statue.
    Also, there's some towers exploration with minions made by Riot artists, can be inspiring ! Here's the link https://www.artstation.com/artwork/953Ga

    Keep it up!

  • RobertTerritory
    Oh wow! haha well I guess they already did some concepts with minions... Thanks for the link!

  • RobertTerritory
    Here is my final concept for the turret rework. 
    I decided to drop the minion idea, considering Riot had already explored that concept :)
    (For the old LoL players, does the helmet ring any bells? ;p)

  • RobertTerritory


    I started my 3D blocking for the turret.  I'm going to get the entire structure planned before I start working on the details.
    I did a small detail pass on the bottom part, experimenting with brushes and trying different techniques.  I need to keep the overall look clean and simple, considering we only see this turret from far away.  From a distance, most of the detail will be blurred out, making the structure too noisy.
    I also updated my concept :)

    One month down already, two more to go!  

  • RobertTerritory
    Hey everyone

    So I've been working hard for the past week or so on my HighRez model of my tower:  
    I tried to stay away from the micro details, considering the camera in LoL is pretty far from the asset.
    I only sculpted what I need (for example, I only made two variations of the bottom crystals that I will reuse across the mesh, saving time and  texture space).
    I decided to stop sculpting, to spend more time on the texturing.  But first, I need to get the LowRez out of the way :)


  • RobertTerritory
    Hey guys

    Small update.  I finished the Low Poly version of and the bake of my HR on my LR.  Time to texture :)

  • RobertTerritory

    Back with an update!

    I started working on the texture of my turret, but I also wanted to do a concept pass based on my new idea for the creature den.  Not satisfied with my previous concept, I wanted to focus on the dragon pit.

    I made different images, working with shapes and various ideas.

    I decided to go with an elevated ruined platform.  I pushed the idea of adding more depth to the design with more negative space like the crevasse.

    I reused the designs of the architecture found across Summoner’s Rift for my pillars and stone structures.

    I also wanted to add gold and wealth to the environment.  This gives a purpose to the dragon who’s guarding his treasure.  It’s also a nice contrast of material and color with the rest of its surroundings.

    Seeing how my design is quite big and how I can only use one texture map for the entire piece, I needed to plan my UV’s wisely.  I divided my concept with different colors to clearly identify what I’ll be unwrapping and what I’ll be able to reuse.  

    I’m also brainstorming how to represent visually the different dragon type that is spawned in the map by replacing the FX in the fire goblets. 

    Fire drake would be represented with fire.

    Water drake would be represented with water.

    Air drake would be represented with a small tornado-like effect.

    Earth drake would be represented with small floating rocks.



  • Sage
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    Sage polycounter lvl 14
    Nice work. I like it. I was hoping the little minion would shoot the turret.
  • RobertTerritory
    @Sage Thx man.  Yeah, the minion idea seemed pretty nice, but Riot beat me to it ;p

    Hey guys

    I managed to finish the High Rez and Low Rez meshes of my dragon den.  I'm done with the baking and will start the texture soon.  
    I'll add the vegetation with the alpha map once I'm finished with the rest. I reserved a spot on my texture sheet for the vegetation.  Adding plants and flowers will definitely add more detail and also break the repetition between pieces.

    I'll move things around after, playing with the rock placements and gold piles.


  • Giggy
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    Giggy triangle
    It's looking really cool, can't wait to see it done!
  • RobertTerritory

    Update on my tower model. 
    I'm pretty much juggling back and forth on the tower and the dragon's den at this point :)
    The tower texture is pretty advanced.  Here is what I have so far.

    Hope you guys like it :)


  • RobertTerritory
    Started texturing the dragon pit.
  • RobertTerritory
    Hey guys,

    Dragon pit update:

    I spent a lot of time these past few days, working on the texture of my dragon pit.  I refined the stone and ground colors and started to add some vegetation to blend the pieces together.

    Any comments are more then welcome!
    Still lots to do!  :)

  • RobertTerritory
  • RobertTerritory
    Hey guys,

    Nice to see everyone's finishing up their work! 

    I made a few adjustments her and there since my last post.
    Here's my last update before the end of the contest.  Gotta put everything together now :)

  • RobertTerritory
    Final post

    Dragon Pit:


  • Giggy
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    Giggy triangle
    Awesome work! I really like how you presented the dragon pit!
  • mSayum
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    mSayum polycounter lvl 4
    The dragon pit is really well integrated and the concept is super cool! Great work on everything here and good luck!
  • Sage
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    Sage polycounter lvl 14
    awesome work. I really love the presentation.
  • Mezio
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    Mezio null
    Wow Robert Territory that's so cool!
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