[Riot Creative Contest 2017] Sand Queen Nami - Final

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Hipporit polygon
Hi everyone,

This is my first polycount contest, I'm very excited to be challenged to do a personal piece with a League of Legends topic.

I started working on a splash image for one of my favorite champions, Nami, but redesigned to be the queen of the sands. My concept revolves around a kingdom much like Atlantis, but a kingdom sunken into the sand as opposed to the ocean. Nami, having be awaken and called to the Nexus, now emerges from the sands, commanding desert dwelling critters and the sand itself.

So far it's been really fun, here are some of the progress so far.

Here's the research page, looking at some of the current line of Nami designs/art, and some inspirations from crabs and desert dwelling tribal people. I decided to have nami wear a mixture of metalic/chitinous armor along with bright colored desert garb, as well as ornate decorative/ceremonial jewelry.

Some of the first rough sketches, I wanted to show Nami slithering through the sand with critters busily scurrying around her. She might be casting her Q or R, but instead of water, they will be sand bubbles and sand waves. I will further develop that aspect a bit later. I wanted to show the ruins in the background to tell a bit more story about Sand Queen Nami's origin.

Getting the sketch a bit more to how I like it in B/W. Still quite a few things I find a bit awkward, but I decided to start coloring and fix things as I paint. 

I think if I were designing more seriously I would fix everything in the B/W so everything is working first, but I just wanted to start having fun by feeling the color scheme and mood of the piece.

Started to paint and refine all around the piece... still feeling lazy with some of the designs, but fixing the pose and perspective. I will probably be sketching to figure out the design of the weapon and the critters some more before getting those painted in. For the weapon, the idea is to have the signature ring at the end of the staff, but within will be a set of floating magical hourglasses, possibly a way for Nami to see her spell cool downs.

Details... a lot of fun but takes up a lot of time. I will need to start working on the rest of the image to bring everything to the same level.

Thanks for looking, I hope you like it so far. I will be updating as I go. It will be a busy couple of weeks but when I get another solid chunk of time, I will post some more updates!

It's my first time posting here, so if there's something wrong or I'm missing something from the rules, please let me know so I can correct those things. Thank you!


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