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I was researching Bard lore for a narrative piece on the character, and I found an interesting commentary from the developers. Bard was conceptualized as a powerful spirit capable of shapeshifting, and we were going to see that in game initially. Much like Gandalf of the Tolkein mythos, Bard takes on a humble appearance in mortal realms (the devs called it “beard form”) -- but he is much more in reality.

What would this multi-dimensional being look like if he revealed a form that is more true of himself?

I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head -- I had to see where it could go.

Rather than a set of notes, I had some images in my mind and some inspiration to draw from. 

And I've done a super quick sculpt to get the ideas out into 3D space. I want his "face" to be framed by a series of golden hoops/crowns that mirror his vanilla form's shapes. I'm looking to Celestine Soraka's crystal horn as a potential inspiration for his back horn, but I'm not sold on that yet. The "face" itself is going to be nestled in a hood of stars, much like the Cosmic Reaver skins, centering on that charactaristic Bard constellation we saw in his reveal. He will have flowing robes over a body that seems to be made from light and space itself (much like Dawnbringer Riven's ult form and Aurelion Sol).


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