University- I want to become a 3D modeller, not an animator.

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sophiam vertex
Hi, I'm a highschool student and I'm trying to go to an art college/university. However, all they have are Animation courses which Isn't what I want to do. I want to be a 3D modeller/sculptor. Do I need to take a bachelor's degree of animation if I want to become a 3D modeller? Or is learning the programs with short courses & a good portfolio enough to get me a stable job? 

Also, this is what i am working on

++ I learned 3Ds Max/ Zbrush online and on youtube


  • Barbarian
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    Barbarian polycounter lvl 7
    " Do I need to take a bachelor's degree of animation if I want to become a 3D modeller?"
    Sign up for Pluaralsight and/or Gnomon Workshop for a couple of months and/or get  some eat3D DVDs and review some basic game modelling tutorials. Practice. Submit screenshots with wireframes. Get feedback. Rinse and repeat. Find reference for more complex objects. Submit screenshots with wireframes. Get feedback. . . .
    You do not need a degree for what you want to learn--you just need to practice (game-related modeling tutorials) and get feedback. At some point you will want to tackle UV layout, texturing, and then what your focus will eventually be (characters, environments, hard-surface models, . . .).

  • Brian "Panda" Choi
    Also, next time you want to take a screenshot of your screen, just use the Snipping Tool if you're on windows or hit "PrtSc."  That will do a display capture.

    If you want to get a bachelor's degree for this, there are unis and colleges out there for this.  I'd imagine you'd want a list?
  • sophiam
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    sophiam vertex
    Thank you for your feedback/comments! I am trying to find colleges and universities for 3D modeling courses in Canada, best if in BC. I am really lost in the moment, wondering if 3D modeling is what I would like to do as a job etc. I love sculpting and modeling but it feels like I have a long long way to go. I am just conflicted since going to a university and earning a bachelor's degree feels more secure and safe(?) than learning on my own. I 'm just worried since I have no one near to help me on this, and yes, I do want a list. 
  • Brian "Panda" Choi
    I'd be at a loss to provide even a cursory lsit of Canadian schools to look at.

    @JacqueChoi ; Do you happen to know any he could even briefly start emailing?


    @sophiam please, when you have the time, go click the "Wiki" button on the top of the Polycount website and read the threads that have been made ahead of you about getting an Education in game art.  You are by no means the only one who's asked the question you have, but your situation is unique in the same way others are.

    But read the threads first before you just start waiting on people to answer.

    I'm hoping you'll have more specified questions AFTERWARDs, but read the wiki first.
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    I'd be at a loss to provide even a cursory lsit of Canadian schools to look at.

    I've got you covered Brian! 

    Hi @sophiam, glad you're looking at getting serious about your future career, especially in entertainment/arts! I've grown up here in B.C., and currently live and work in Vancouver. Here's a quick list of tabs you should open right away:

    1.  VFS -
    2. BCIT -
    3. AI -
    4. ECUAD -

    Alot of acronyms eh?  See, I am Canadian.

    Now the important question, which is the right fit for you? Hard to say unless you visit them all, which I highly recommend. They've always got open houses and tours you can book personally. Go to grad student screenings, watch the work for each school on their Youtube channel. This will help you get a feel for each.

    I've attended both Emily Carr (ECUAD) and VFS (Vancouver Film School) - each with their own pros and cons. I ought to specify with the caveat about the former though, as it was there that I earned a Bachelor in Visual Arts. VFS came at a time where I "decided what to do with my life" and made up my mind to get into the local entertainment industry. Ultimately this worked out, as I now work as a modeller and texture artist for a local studio! 

    You're still in high-school, so there's time to decide! But use it wisely, and if you feel strongly about your art, see it as a passion and a gift that must be shared, don't hesitate to pursue the dream. 

    A roundabout way to answer your question, sorry for the long pre-amble. Do you have to study animation? Not really. You could mess around in Zbrush all day if you wanted to. But should you? I think yes. It's crucial to understand good topology for deformation, basic rigging, etc. which gives you an insight to working a pipeline. In your career you will 100% come into contact with riggers, and animators on a daily basis. Learn to speak their language!

    If you've got specific questions about any of the other schools above just ask, I've got a co-worker from each!

    TLDR: Go to school. Study everything. You won't regret it.
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