What does it take to be an Intern/graduate at Blizzard?

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maiu vertex
Hey everyone,
I was wondering, at what level must i be to be accepted as an intern at a company like Blizzard?
It can be any other big company though, like Riot, Disney, Pixar etc. All these companies that have student and graduate programs as well as internships interest me and i know it's also luck, but i want to have this 'goal' and think "ok, this is where i need to aim and this is how much i need to improve to make them at least find me eligible and good as an artist"  but i'm really unsure.

I know they want you to be really good, but do you have to be kick ass like someone who has been years in the industry? or do they look at potential? etc.

I'd appreciate any response or idea so i can set a goal for myself.


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