Godot Engine 3.0 - Open source engine with big update coming

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Godot Engine has been around for a while.  The next version is looking like a big step forward for 3D features:

- Brand new 3D renderer featuring physically-based rendering, real-time global illumination and improved post-processing effects
- Support for C++ (GDNative), C# (Mono) and Visual Scripting
- Improved HTML5 export using WebAssembly
- New high-level networked multiplayer API
- Entirely new audio engine, supporting routing and real-time effects
- 2D soft shadows and GPU-accelerated particles (2D & 3D)



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    MrOneTwo polycounter lvl 7
    I actually made some simple games in Godot. I think It's a great engine. Of course comparing it to the likes of Unreal or Unity is pointless. If you are a small team or working alone and really want to make a game (I mean finish it...) then I think you should try Godot. It's philosophy of everything being a scene makes it easy to break down the process of creation into small parts that are easier to tackle. Hope it will do well.
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