[UE4] First Environment - Coastal Scene

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Boogaman null
Hey everyone,

I've recently - very recently - started learning ZBrush, Substance Painter, and Unreal 4. Though I'm working as a visual artist, I realized I needed to update my skillset, so I'm playing a bit of technical catch up. Since this is my first environment, I wanted to provide a full break down of how I'm approaching this. Additionally, though my professional portfolio is fine, I opted to add a "Work in Progress" page to the personal section of my website, to further show my break down. 

Ok, enough prefacing. Onto the pictures!

Attached is my initial concept sketch, element breakdown, and asset images. I'm currently focusing on the larger, modular cliff assets before working my way into the secondary and tertiary assets. I've considered adding blocked out rock shapes where secondary forms will be, but I'm unsure if that's necessary.

Comments and critiques are encouraged!

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