AR15 Assault Riffle - Renders Study Stickman

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Starting to transition towards taking higher quality renders near photo-realistic (will be stepping out of Game Res Assets for personal work). Renders will be utilizing the high poly with as much detailed modeled; noises will be done via the material. This will exclude the inner workings in which you only see if you were to disassemble the product. 

Current Progress:

I will begin with Black Renders, this will allow me to set the angel/composition of the shot (it will also allow me to glance over every now and then to spot glaring modeling issues). For now, expect individual renders of all the parts that make up my AR15 they will later transition to Stickman quality renders.
Below are stickman/gun renders found on online of my overall objective as I begin my study. 

Love the fabric background and the lighting makes the folds/shadows really pop. Blends well with the weapon and gives it a grounded look. Although the fabric is a bit too distracting. 

Lighting and shadow detail is subtle but strong amongst the curves

My overall preference for a subtle but layered down background. Good for a perspective shot but not as powerful when the gun is being laid on the flat.

As you can see I will be aiming for less of a full shot of the model and more of a close-up; I will incorporate a background towards the end once the shot is established. 


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