Darkest Dungeon Fan Art (WIP)

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JamieMc polycounter lvl 12
Welp i am working on this thing for fun.   I don't usually do fan art ever but I have been super inspired by Chris Bourassa's art.  Thought I would make some fun swine!  

Anyways.. Here is the rough sketch.  I don't usually get tooooo hung up on accuracy here as long as the general pose works..   Hence the heads changing as i paint.  

Boundaries and some noisy background thingy added in.

I block in the main characters so it is easier to select and paint in PS

now i just start painting a base set of color and light.

More refinement.

Just keep building up the background chopper guy and then once it is kinda there  and reading okay i start on the other forms.
I'll definitely go back to him later.  But for now.. the drummer!


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