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rohMizuno Polycount Sponsor
I don't know if that already happened or was attempted here, but what you guys think about having a tournament between the members of the community to see who is the ultimate greentooth?
I was thinking it could all happen online and not all on the same day, considering we are all around the globe, an a good game would be something like the new DBZ game, being a game no one has experience with it yet, and everyone played a fighting game once in their lifetime.



  • rohMizuno
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    rohMizuno Polycount Sponsor
    oh.. I forgot I had ever created this post. I had the original idea after watching 2 members discussing over something silly on the greentooth slack channel to the point where one was already threatening to punch the other's face, so I thought the best way to settle who has the strongest finger was on a "friendly" match of a punching game (dbz on this case), but any game would do really, as long as there is people to play.
    I haven't had time to play game in forever, so whatever goes :smile:
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