[UE4] WarArm Flak88 Gun and Props

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brandv3d polycounter lvl 6
Hey polycounters,

I'm glad to present to you with some of my latest props from the game I'm working on called "WarArm." Check it out at https://www.wararm.eu/
The team and I are an Italian indie studio and these are just some of my latest props for the game.  Thanks for looking.


  • brandv3d
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    brandv3d polycounter lvl 6
    I did a quick time laps of the textring process of the wooden ammo box in substance painter.

  • CybranM
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    CybranM polycounter lvl 5
    The end result is nice but I think you should have distributed the polys a bit better. The sandbags are very lowpoly (very noticeable on the top image) while the handles on the ammunition boxes have a lot more polys than they need. Same with the ammunition in the boxes, the tips are very straight and flat.

    I might be missing something and there was a reason for why you did that but from what I can tell there should have been more polys on the sandbags at least.

    The textures on the sandbags could use a layer of mud and such on the base, they currently feel too clean, like they're not part of the scene.

    The mud/water material is really nice :smile:

    EDIT: restructured the text a bit
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