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Hello everybody and welcome to my Sketchbook. I do not have a lot of post on polycount also I want to show you the rest of my recent art but sounds to much like spam for me, in that case I want to start invited you into my portfolio on Artstation and if you have any question or critique about one of the art :D Im open to talk about it here, meanwhile I want to star my Sketchbook with my ongoing personal project.

Btw english is not my main lenguage, at this point I'm try to do not use translate a lot, so if you have the opportunity just tell me Ii learn better in that way, like the day some person tell me how to pronounce vegetable, that was a big achivement.

Back to my ongoing personal project, right now I'm working on in subway enviroment, I start creating a basic 3D sketch to test all the proportions in unity using the First person and Third Person character the software brings and right now and working on the train models, here I leave you some picture from the highpoly mesh and soon the low mesh with the bakes.

Thanks for reading me and welcome to my Sketchbook.

My bet wishes for your projects.

- Aender Lara


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