[UE4] Temple Interior

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I've been dying to do this concept for ages to focus on foliage. I want to keep the use of materials minimal. Right now I'm just using a tiling brick material for everything, minus the bronze brazier, but I'll probably make a trim texture to go w the brick. I threw some quite plants in for fill and I'm playing w how to do the hanging vines, currently using a single clump. 

Advice on getting bluer/ brighter water appreciated :) And critique always welcome. 

Awesome concept by Alexander "Minze" Thümler


  • Jarran
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    Jarran polycounter lvl 5
    Hey this is cool! Looking forward to how it ends up.

    Few bits of crit - I think the concept is a little darker in places than yours. Such as the top of the two pillars in the forefront. If you're trying to match the concept exactly I'd suggest that the camera is just slightly off.

    As for the water could you just fake it rather than adding it into the shader and just add a bright blue plane underneath the water?
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