Ability to animate 'orbit distance' and 'voxel scene fit' to get better GI in flythrough animations.

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Is there any plan to be able to keyframe 'camera orbit distance' and the 'voxel scene fit' parameter to get better control of GI during animations?  

I'm doing a camera fly-through of a scene and I'm finding it almost impossible to set global GI parameters that work well for all shots.  Camera distance relative to objects in the scene varies too much and there is a lot of flicker and odd lighting artifacts due to the emissive components in the scene being voxelised unpredictably (at times) due to an inappropriate vowel scene fit value/orbit distance for the particular camera view.  This is even with a 'high' voxel resoltion.  

If we could animate the above 2 parameters, it would be much easier to get consistent results.

It could also be interesting to have an 'ultra' voxel resolution sitting, for stills and animations.  I know it doesn't make sense for real-time, but again, it would be nice to have more options for tackling the artifacts that come with real-time GI.

Are there any more planned update releases for Marmoset in the near future?



  • EarthQuake
    Thanks for the feedback, I'll add it to our suggestion list.

    An ultra resolution setting is unfortunately not something we can support. The texture memory use for the high setting is quite significant, and doubling it would result in using more video ram than nearly all consumer video cards currently have. The main problem here is that voxel data is three dimensional, and to doubling the resolution results in cubing the data. For instance if the high setting uses 2GB of VRAM, ultra would use 8GB, which may possibly work if you have a 12GB Titan but would fail on essentially every other GPU.
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