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Hey everyone!  I can't believe it has taken me this long to sign up on Polycount.  I'm such a slacker!  Instead of dumping a whole bunch of sketches at once, I'll start by showing creatures from a personal project of mine.  I'm a creature guy so, that's pretty much what you'll see here!  Thanks for welcoming me and I hope you enjoy!

The jungles of Ecor117 always seem to reveal new and interesting creatures. We come across one such creature; The Bafrogort. This towering beast spends most of its day feeding on vegetation and minding its own business.

As we travel deeper into the jungles of Ecor117, we come across a creature much like the Pemagort. The Charnyscarn is slightly more territorial and grumpy than the Pemagort. Although it naturally will not harm approaching creatures, if it is provoked in any way or it feels threatened, things could get ugly.

A Hombik is basically the one creature that you don't want to encounter in a swamp other than an alligator. These nasty, flat-bodied beasts can remain perfectly hidden and camouflage themselves as rocks. Hunting in packs and lying still for hours, the Hombik is a perfect killing machine for the marshlands.

The Pemagort is a peaceful creature living in the remote jungles of the planet Ecor117.

Here's a creature called the Larkot. It's a humanoid form and very, very smart.

Species: Grimzle Wubb

As scientists first set foot on Ecor117, Dr. Douglas Furs, a leading Entomologist back on Earth, was assigned to study the new insects of the mysterious planet. Little did he know that his life was about to be cut short thanks to an encounter with a vicious jungle titan. Colonists later named the creature 'Douglas' in Douglas's honor.

Do NOT mess with Douglas.


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