The Bi-Monthly CHARACTER ART Challenge | June - July

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Alemja polycounter

Welcome to the Bi-Monthly Character Art Challenge!

Challenge will run until the end of July
Previous Challenge Thread

How it works
  • Every new challenge, 3 Character Concepts will be provided
  • You're free to approach any of the concepts however you like, as long as you stay true to the essence of the original concept.
  • You have until the end of the deadline to complete any of the given concepts.

  • Leave at least one critique per post. Being able to effectively receive, and give constructive criticism is an invaluable skill as any type of artist.
  • There are no software restrictions; you're welcome to use as little, or as many different software packages as you like. However do try to make the final result game-ready
  • Post your work in progress in the thread. You're welcome to cross post on different sites (Artstation, Facebook, etc.)
  • Before starting your character, break down the concept and plan your work accordingly. Being able to effectively estimate how long it will take to complete a project is an important skill, especially for freelance artists.
  • Your final presentation should be posed and rendered in any real time engine. (Marmoset, UE4, Cryengine, Unity, etc.)
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions, but don't hesitate to find the answer on your own - chances are, the answer to your problem has already been answered within these forums
  • We're all here to grow as artists. Learn as much as you can, and share what you've learned.
  • If you feel anything should be modified or added to these guidelines, please let me know!



Please credit and link to the artists when posting on other sites!

Post Apocalyptic Character designs by Calum Alexander Watt

Headhunter by Michael Angelo Dulay

BŁÄDZ by Gareth Davies

How concepts are chosen
  • Trying to keep it consistently one male character, one female and one other non-human (robot, creature, humanoid, etc)
  • Trying to keep the 3 concepts look like they are part of a theme or could fit in similar universe.
  • Concepts must be full body and clearly drawn. There shouldn't be a lot of guesswork on what the details or proportions are. Turnarounds are a good thing to have, but not required
  • Concepts shouldn't be too complex or too simple to allow people to get them done in the time-frame while also finding something interesting and giving a challenge.
  • Must be able to link back to the original source artist to they can be properly credited, places like Pinterest can lead to link rot and that's not any good for the concept artist.
  • If you have any suggestions of themes you would like to see in the future, send me a message!


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