Updated the Information sticky

Sticky: Information About Polycount & New Member Introductions

We added new sections for "Avoid Necro Posts", "Self Promotion", "Flags: Spam, Abuse, Report", "Points and Ranks and Badges", and "Terms of Service".

Each section has an <a name=""> Anchor for pointing a url to a specific section. For example:
points to "Asking for Help".

All the Anchors:
  • new
  • asking
  • search
  • use
  • tricks
  • give
  • respect
  • make
  • images
  • news
  • nsfw
  • necro
  • spam
  • piracy
  • self
  • blog
  • flags
  • points
  • long
  • job
  • terms

Kinda funny to see a list, looks like automated Polycount poetry.


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