[GAME] We who are about to Die! (+ video inside)

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Hey Polycounters! I'm a freelance artist who has been working on a game in my free time. I've always had massive respect for polycount, I love this place and everyone in it, and I hope I can get some input from you crazy skilled people here. (also, if this is the wrong subforum, forgive me - please feel free to move it)

In short - you start as a lowly fighter or slave, meant to die in the combat pits, and fight your way through the arenas to fame, wealth and glory.
Pick your next fights, will you duel another gladiator man to man, fight multiple on your own, or take an allied team with you? Save for and purchase or loot armor and weapons, and master the directional and physics based combat system. The only thing keeping you alive are your reflexes and skill with the combat system. And be careful - because if you die, you die.

Official discord: https://discord.gg/eCdUxht
Come chat/idle & follow development!


Here's the latest (might be outdated if I suck at updating this) dev vlog:

And some older screenies - (check later in the thread for more up to date stuff)

Older screenies:

(online has been scrapped for the first version of the game though)

I'm dying for some feedback, so any question and suggestions are super welcome.


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