Jak and Daxter - Jak Remake

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EDIT: Most recent image (so the preview image on the 3D showcase homepage isn't that eye-bleaching concept I did D:)

Hey all!

Not sure if anyone remembers my "Next Gen Jak" thread from a few years ago (http://polycount.com/discussion/148157/next-gen-jak-wip/p1)... well, I've decided to have another go, but in my own style now as opposed to trying to do Jak in a realistic style! So far, I have just sketched up his body and the layers of his clothing. I will be doing his design from the first game this time 'round. Here are my sketches next to a quick scale ref screengrab from my Daxter model:

This Jak will go with my Daxter model I made, which is here:

They will eventually be posed together... perhaps on the hoverbike like the image below, but we will see!

Now, I've been pretty busy so this won't be a quick thread but if anyone fancies chiming in whenever, feel free! :)


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