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Hello everyone,
after long time of watching your works, reading all topics here on Polycount I decided to start my own sketchbook. Currently I'm at a crossroads. Don't know exactly what I want to do. In the past I mainly made some product vizualizations and photo sessions with 3d models as a background because I wanted to work with cosplayers in my area. Now I think that was a bad idea. People don't want to cooperate, community is a bit closed and doesn't want new members. Also there is no paid work in this topic. So I have one project which must be finished and I think I'll end this chapter.
So I've decided to move to game art and aim for Weapon Artist position. Here is what I have at the moment regarding new projects and this one unfinished from the past.

1. Muzzelite MZ14 for a new Weapons Monthly Challange here on the forum. I've almost done low poly model.

2. Stielhandgranate. Low poly done.

3. CGI Photoshoot with 3d models. Theme was Eowyn character from "The Lord of the Rings". Below is the first illustration which I made. Now I'm at second one.

For the new frame I made these 3d models and whole scene looks like this:

Recently I also made a 3d model of the sword which I want to put on the table in the background. Have only high poly model from Zbrush. I have some problems with retopology. Automatic - from zremesher - was bad. I didn't like it. So need to make it manually.

Also for other shoots I made a Witch King of Angmar helmet:


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