AK-74 — wood, plum, and green furniture

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Bek greentooth

(Arma III — This will be available in RHS: AFRF mod, which also provided reload anims, sounds, and some other functionality)

AK-74 in three variations. The plastic furniture was introduced late into the AK-74's development cycle (~1985), as the AK-74M (1990) would soon replace both the AK-74 and the folding-stock AKS-74. Green versions of this furniture are quite rare; the russian on the plaque is a congratulation from Mikhail Kalashnikov to the competition winner, though another version also congratulates the brave border guard. So these were rewards for exceptional service.

If you've seen my AKS-74 then you'll see this is a modification of that; apart from the new stocks and foregrip, the AK also has a slightly different receiver due to the change in the rear trunnion + lack of folding stock mechanism. The different generations of magazine also differ slightly.

gfycat of green AK in Arma III


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