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RainbowRat polycounter lvl 2
So, here it goes. Decided to start a sketchbook with this new project and hopefully get some feedback along the way.
I´m more of a concept/2d artist but I want to learn how to sculpt and realize my characters, so there´s gonna be both 2d and 3d. Lets start with my current project, Bombercat:

I´m happy with the shape so far so I guess the next step will be to leave dynamesh completly and add wrinkles and asymmetry. I tried zremeshing the head because I wasn´t able to make hard edges with the crazy dynamesh topo... thought this could help. It´s not really part of the sculpting process though, is it? Never saw someone doing this in sculpting videos.. but it looks so pleasent! x) Have to learn more about the technical aspects...


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