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So I've come across an issue and I've really gotten stuck. I have an object I want to export as an fbx in max. The first issue I got was the non-orthogonal axis export warning, so I reset the transform and scale under the hierarchy tab and re-exported and now it seems to be skewing the geo in the direction the axis used to be in.

The object is just the mesh, no modifiers on it or anything and as far as i'm aware the axis should be fine now. I've tried exporting as an obj, which reimported fine, and I tried exporting that as an fbx but again it skewed the geo. I'm not importing any animations or anything like that and the units and scale are fine. I've also tried exporting with older versions of FBX but it doesn't change anything. The work around that I've found is importing the obj into maya and exporting as an fbx from there which acts fine, but it would be really nice to not have to use a different software to export fbxs. All the rest of the objects in the same scene are exporting fine as fbx's.

If anyone has any idea what's happening, I would be eternally grateful to learn! 


  • Mark Dygert
    More than likely the object has been non-uniformly scaled and it needs to be reset. If you go to the hierarchy tab you can reset scale and transform. Or use the reset xform utility (not the modifier) which will also reset the scale and transform data as well as realign the pivot to the world so watch out for that, if the pivot orientation matters.

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