[MAYA] BNormal (Update) - Free Face weighted vertex normal Plugin

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I always wanted to reproduce the so called wnormal by Martijn Buijs for Maya.

SNormal is now deprecated, thanks to @radiancef0rge and @Fansub

If you don't want to read, don't lose your time : DOWNLOAD

Things to Know, (README):

'''Name : bnormal (named after me because [1]snormal has been deprecated.)



    -BNormal has now two algortihms
    -Algorithm 1 is the best one
    -Use Algorithm 2 when results are bad. On cylinders Algorithm 2 is the best one
    -command "bnormal" should be replace by (see below)

        : bnormal -v 1 : (to use first algorithm)
        : bnormal -v 2 : (to use second algorithm)

    -as usual , reminder : smooth the edges of your mesh before applying bnormal , else, output is false

How To Use(

-Put BNormal.exe file under C:\Program Files\Autodesk\MayaVersion\
-run BNormal.exe and follow the instructions (AntiViruses Can be a-hole sometimes, I deactivated mine.)

-Go to Maya in Windows>Settings/Preferences>Plug-in Manager
-you should see 'bnormal.py', check Load and AutoLoad

-You can now use the command :
                   bnormal -v 1 //(to use first algorithm)
                   bnormal -v 2 //(to use second algorithm)
    //you can bind it to hotkey or shelf button)

-Select an Object OR Objects' and run the command, shelfButton, hotkey
-*Note 1( hard edges are now averaged.
    If the meshes are not suited for FWVN
    Workflow you can expect unwanted result.)
-*Note 2(If your normals are locked, colored yellow, if you
    did apply bnormal one time, consider to unlock your normals
     : go under mesh display>unlock normals>. Not doing so will false output)


Christopher Crouzet, Dorian Fevrier, Justin Israel, James @Farfarer,

@Makkon, Martijn Buijs, @Obscura on Polycount for their resources


numPy and sciPy python modules were used to make this plugin.


How Perfect On Cylinders :



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