17gb for a treasure chest...Help?

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Larry keyframe
hello guys, i have been trying to learn the art of 3d, to work professionally. While my sculpting and modeling gets better, i have stumbled upon a problem i cannot find a solution online. I've made a treasure chest, made of 8 objects, a total of 6k tris in 3ds max, imported it in mudbox, where i divided those objects having a total of 7milion faces HQ treasure chest sculpted. I had the UV's all ready from 3ds max, and i started painting with 1 targa 8bit 1024px per object. When i tried to save it, the folder "treasure chest files" that mudbox created, was 17gb and i have no idea where did that come from.I will bake the object down to about 6k tris again, but i wanted to take a good render of it before i bake it.

So my question is. Do such high poly objects have such large files, until you bake them? Here is a print screen i took from mudbox, it is not rendered. Also, since i am self taught, is this quality sufficient for professional work?


  • Scruples
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    Scruples polycounter lvl 7
    That file size seems excessive, I don't have a solution for you other than for you to try some trial and error. Is the file type seemingly tied mainly to the polycount?
  • Joopson
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    Joopson Polycount Sponsor
    Googling around, it seems like mudbox files are regularly huge. Several GB. But 17 seems to be more than most examples I can find. It stores all subdivision levels, so that could be part of the problem, but I'm not sure.

    If you export as an fbx or obj is the file size better?

  • McGreed
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    McGreed Polycount Sponsor
    Normally you would bake the normal map from high poly to lowpoly and then paint the texture on the lowpoly. I don't use mudbox much, but If you have texture painted on the highpoly, that might explain the file size.
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